Are you tired of having your PC repaired over and over due to slowness, viruses, malware and other software related issues that keeps occurring? If so Instant PC Recovery is your solution! Protect your PC with a hidden recovery partition.

Don't wait until your PC starts to get barged down or infected; the best time to get your PC looked at is when you have everything just the way you want it. But if your PC is already running poorly our Technicians can resolve all issues before applying the permanent solution to your PC.

There are only two types of Computer problems Hardware related problems and Software related problems.

Did you know that only 3% of computer problems are hardware problems? The other 97% are software problems that aren’t covered by your manufacturers warranty.

Software problems may range from the drivers that support your hardware, the operating system   ( Microsoft Windows) and other software that's installed on your Computer.

This is were Instant PC Recovery can help we will guarantee all software related issues for the lifetime of your PC.
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